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Meet the Team


At Herts Health Therapies the goal is to restore your mobility, keep you moving and ensure your rehabilitation is effective, efficient and stress-free. We provide hands on treatment, and tailored rehabilitation programmes. Our aim is to get you out of discomfort and to build a foundation for you to do whatever you want to achieve. This could be getting out to run a 10k, or simply just moving better on a day to day basis. ​​We are fully insured and registered, and here to help you. Make the first step today and get in contact with Herts Heath Therapies. 


Charlotte Foley

Registered Physiotherapist

Charlotte has been a physiotherapist for 9 years and so far has worked within the NHS and in private practice.  


She graduated from the University of Birmingham as a Physiotherapist in 2015. Prior to this she completed a Sport Science degree at the University of Leeds in 2010.


Charlotte has worked in sports massage, sports coaching and personal training for over 10 years with a specific interest in athletics.  She has competed at county level as a sprinter and uses her knowledge from physiotherapy and sport science to develop individualised rehabilitation programmes. She has strong links with the likes of Steve Cram helpingo regularly on the Steve Cram Training Camps 

Recently Charlotte has had the opportunity to work on the set of Matilda as well as working with dancers at The Dang academy in Angel. 

Charlotte also has a depth of experience in neurological rehabilitation. Working with people post stroke and with conditions such as Parkinsons and MS to help develop exercise plans and strategies to help people live with long term conditions.

Book an appointment or contact us if you have any questions.

Occupational Therapy- Joining for 2024!


RM pic_edited_edited.jpg

Ruby Malik

Registered Occupational Therapist

Ruby has gained substantial experience in community-based work, focusing on adaptations and mobility support. With a background of five years at the NHS, she specialised in addressing neurological conditions, showcasing a keen interest in aiding individuals with upper limb and hand exercises.

Ruby is proficient in delivering personalised care, adept at addressing and facilitating diverse therapy needs.

As a newly qualified OT working both in Social Services and privately, Ruby has the expertise to help you adapt your home to make it accessible for yourself and your support network. 

Please contact 07899 086 919 or click on the link below to book an appointment today!!

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